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Last Updated 2018-12-26, 05:44 PM

Valletta, Malta

Valletta is a small capital of the Mediterranean Island nation of Malta. In general, the city was established in the year 1500s on a peninsula by the Knights of St.John. This destination is well known for museums, palaces, and grand churches. Most travelers are eagerly looking to plan a trip to this place and rejoice a lot. It has an extraordinary mix of nature and eye-catching views to the travelers. The city definitely brings you lots of excitements when seeing some most popular places along with buddies. This is also considering as top 10 attractions that must see once in life. You could spend time on a couple of days to excite and enjoy a lot without any hassles.


This is considering as a most impressive church in the city and it was designed by the architect Gerolamo Cassar. The church remains for its famous identity and taking over from the Church of St Lawrence in Vittoriosa as the place. It brings peace in mind when you visit this church anytime. It was built between 1573 and 1578. The cathedral church is familiar with lots of architects and excellent designs.


After completing the first-day trip, the people could visit the Grand Master’s palace. The stern exterior of the 16th century denotes and conceals a sumptuous interior design. This should take with the residence of the Grand Masters of the Knights of St. John. The buildings are built on ancient period and once a residence of Grand Master’s palace. Moreover, Grand Master’s Palace takes a necessary role that conceals in giving a fabulous view to the travelers.


The National Museum of Archaeology is built and it is considered as an impressive Auberge de Provence. In general, the museum exhibits delicate stone tools and dating from 5200 BC and Phoenician amulets and an amazing temple model from Ta’ Hagrat and denotes National strength. With luxury stone tools, the Museum of Archaeology and visits while planning a trip to this destination. The museum is open for a limited time from morning and afternoon, and evening till night.


The colonnaded gardens are taking high above Grand Harbour. It was created in the late of the 16th century with a relaxing point. The place is built by the knights from the nearby Auberge d’Italie. In addition to this, they provide a shady retreat from the bustle of tiny particles and visit the place at a cool time. A grand harbor has lots of big ships and containers see during the visit. The place is excellent to see in the early morning because the harbor has plenty of ships departure.


It is guarding Marsamxett and Grand Harbours are creating amazing places and after considering patron saint of Mariner. This fort was built by the knights in 1552 in just four months. It guards the harbors on either side of the Sceberras Park. On the other hand, the Reno Piano designed City Gate forms part of the architect’s Dramatic view and harmonious by taking entrance rather than 1960s gate.

If you are looking for uninterrupted sunshine, then visit the place during the summer months. It is the best time to visit without any hesitation. However, Valletta is also an excellent place during winter destination. If you go for walking or activity during a holiday, cooler months are just in hand. During November and December, the month tends to be the most rain.

At Valletta, Malta there are international, domestic, and local airports facilities are found. Some of them are listed as follows Malta International Airport, Comiso Airport, and Xewkija Heliport.

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