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Santiago is the capital and biggest city of Chile and additionally one of the biggest urban communities in the Americas. It is the focal point of Chile's biggest and the most thickly populated conurbation, the Santiago Metropolitan Region, whose aggregate populace is 7 million. The city is totally situated in the nation's focal valley. The greater part of the city lies between 500 m and 650 m above mean ocean level. Established in 1541 by the Spanish victor Pedro de Valdivia, Santiago has been the capital city of Chile since frontier times.


Chile's record of human rights hasn't generally been stellar, henceforth the Museum of Memory and Human Rights. Open for a couple of years, the historical center is a commemoration to Chileans who had their rights disregarded amid the Pinochet administration (1973 – 1990). In maybe an unexpected wind, Chile's then-President Michelle Bachelet, a casualty of Pinochet's torment, laid the exhibition hall's first stone in 2008.


Where prior basilicas in Santiago have been demolished by seismic tremors, the Santiago Metropolitan Cathedral has remained on the Plaza de Armas for over 260 years. Development initially started in 1748 and the church has overwhelmed the square from that point forward. The stone neoclassical house of God is viewed as extraordinary compared to other cases of religious engineering in South America.


Cerro San Cristobal is a slope in northern Santiago that ascents over the city, giving some really incredible perspectives. Spanish conquistadors named it for Saint Christopher. At the best you'll discover an observatory and a statue of the Virgin Mary, some portion of an asylum devoted to the Immaculate Conception. Pope John Paul II favored the Santiago at a little house of prayer at the haven.

Best Times to Visit Santiago. The best time to visit Santiago is from late-September to November, or from March to May; these months stamp the spring and fall bear seasons in Chile.

Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport is the nearest airport of Santiago.

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