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Last Updated 2018-12-26, 05:44 PM

Flights To Boston

Who is not excited to go on a vacation to one of the best cities in the United States? Boston is one such city. Being the capital of famous Massachusetts and the most populous city, it attracts a lot of tourists. There are a lot of things that you can do in this city. Getting to it is not very expensive. You get cheap plane tickets to Boston that are available now and then with a lot of discounts. Book your tickets as soon as you plan your trip to avail better offers.

You can visit there any time of the year but for the best experience, visit from June to October. If you visit in summer, you can see outdoor concerts and sidewalk cafes. This can make your trip exciting too. The rates of hotels drop in winter. If you are budget isn’t good enough for hotels in summer and fall, then the best choice is to visit in winter but be sure to take warm clothing with you.

The seasons:

The winter in Boston is very cold. There are very bad snow storms and very low temperature. It is very cold from December to mid-March. If you are travelling to Boston in winter, make sure your jacket, gloves and boots are on your packing checklist. Tickets to Boston become cheaper in winter.

Spring is from mid-March to mid-June. The weather is very unstable at the beginning of the fall. March is often cold and sometimes even mid-April. It gets better later and the climate becomes very pleasant after that.

Boston has very short summer. It starts in mid-June and lasts till August. It is hot and humid. There may be rains now and then. Sun shines almost all the time but there are chances for thunderstorms in the afternoon.

Autumn lasts from September to November. The first part of September may still be a little hot and humid. This is a very unstable season when it comes to Boston.

Boston is a very good place for a family vacation. People of all ages enjoy a trip to this place. Make sure you book a proper ticket in one of the Boston airport flights. Make sure you visit all the places and don’t miss any of them.

The main part of a vacation in Boston is getting there. It is not tough getting there but there are not many direct flights to Boston from other countries. Don’t worry, there are a lot of flights which stops in 2 or 3 places. To get the best offers, you can contact Zirron travels Inc. There are many airports around Boston. Logan international airport is in East Boston and is the closest. There are a number of airlines that connect you to Logan international airport.

Qatar Airways

There are a lot of aircraft operated by Qatar Airways to Boston. It is quite frequent and so you can choose the convenient timing.


This is usually quite expensive. It is the fastest and makes lesser stops. Lufthansa airlines have both the economy and business class. You can choose one according to your budget.

American Airlines

This airline provides very cheap airfare to Boston. You can look up the fares online and book your air tickets accordingly.

There are a lot of airlines that gives very good offers. Booking a flight ticket online can give you a lot of offers. Booking it earlier gives you better cost discounts. Most aircraft stop in the middle.

The Freedom Trail

It is a collection of a number of museums and meeting houses. It has a lot of historic markers. You can learn a lot of stories about the American revolution. They have very good tour guides who guide you throughout. They explain to you the history very clearly and you must not miss going to this place. Once you book your airline ticket to Boston, Massachusetts plan your trip to the freedom trail to learn a lot about the history of Boston.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

It is located in the Fenway-Kenmore neighbourhood of Boston. It has a lot of art collection and sculptures from European, American and Asian art forms.

Boston Symphony Orchestra

This is a combination of very good singing and comedy acts. This is done by renowned artists. They play up to 250 shows per year. The concert hall also has cafes and gift shops inside. Even if you don’t get a ticket, you can get a free tour of the concert hall. Get cheap flights to Boston to save up your money for this orchestra.

Museum of science

This is a place where you can learn earth science, anatomy, astronomy and a lot more. There are also interactive exhibits happening around the museum. It is basically kid-centred and still, there is a lot of things that everybody will enjoy. 

New England Aquarium

You can see a lot of underwater creatures. There is also a lot of exhibits dedicated to penguins, sea jellies and many other such creatures.

New England Holocaust memorial

It is a memorial building for Jewish people who were killed by Nazis during the Holocaust. This was founded by Stephan Ross, one of the Holocaust survivors. Each tower has a group of numbers etched on it. These represent the Jews who died in the Holocaust. About 6 million of them had died. It consists of six towers entirely made of glass. The visitors can walk under it.

Old North Church

In this church, you can see the colonial roots of Boston. It is in the freedom trail and is a very important and significant stop. 

Boston public library

When you hear the word library, you only imagine it to be a place filled with books. This is not about books. It has a very good architecture around it. Walking into the library feels like walking into Renaissance building. The main reference reading room is very long and its ceiling shaped like a barrel-arch.

Boston Public Garden

This is America’s first public garden. It has a very well arranged exotic flowers and trees. It also has a sculpture of a duck and 8 of her ducklings made of bronze and a   statue of George Washington riding on a horse.

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